Eviction Support

Our specialists can assist you with Eviction in Miami-Dade & Broward Counties. 
The Average Time is four weeks or less, while the whole process is divided into three steps – You'll only pay for the services after the deed was done.

Step 1: 

Notices are Served by a Process Server
3-Day Pay Rent or Vacate
20-Day Notice to Terminate
10-Day Notice to Comply
3-Day Notice to Quit
30-Day Notice to Change Policy or Increased Rent
Abandonment Notice

Step 2:

If a Tenant Fails to Respond to Notice the Next Step is to Serve an Unfiled Summons & Complaint

Step 3:

If the Tenant Does Not Respond to the Summons & Complaint, we Request a Default  Judgment
If the Tenant Asserts a Defense, we Schedule a Show Cause Hearing

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