About us
General investigation & Special services (GIS) is a full service Florida Based Licensed Private Investigation agency providing cost efficient, aggressive and results-oriented investigative services. Our professional private investigative staff is precisely selected and trained to provide the wide range of investigative services required to our clients in today's environment. General investigation & Special services (GIS) was founded by Steve Cohen, a former law enforcement officer and Florida Licensed Private Investigator. Steve Cohen's unique experience in investigating & prosecuting activities related to organized crime, gives him insight not only into the investigation of people, but also the network of people, things and places attached to them. GIS continuously achieves the highest standards in the industry through rigorous training and education of a team with highly qualified investigators. Our field and staff investigators are carefully selected for their very unique investigative experience and people skills. We also hold in high esteem the ability to clearly communicate information in a way that is most useful to the client.
Investigative tools and methods used by “General Investigation Services” are always the most suitable and operative for each individual situation. Like nobody else, our investigators are able to cover the scene with most details. High quality video and reports are timely provided to customers usually within 24 hours after case completion. During “homework” case preparation we use limited access law enforcement databases, so our investigators can be ready for any action including extreme scenarios.   From state of the art covert, low light and distance camera kits to high definition ultra-detailed videos, we make sure our operatives are well armed to achieve case goals. We are serious when we promise the value and confidentiality. We know that the collection of information is one of the main factors contributing to the positive results in the investigation of your case. We use a unique methodology to gather information on civil, administrative and criminal cases. Thanks to the many personal contacts and close cooperation with law enforcement agencies in the U.S., we are able to get the needed and relevant information expeditiously from archives in more than 3,000 counties and all fifty states. It certainly accelerates the process of investigation. Florida License #A2600255 GIS guarantees you total privacy and performance at the highest professional level. With us, you can easily and quickly gather information, to assist you in your circumstance.

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