Corporate Investigations

We know how much effort, money, and time it takes to start a company, and that it requires even more energy, money and time to get things running and turn it into a profitable business.   

After that, contracts are made, patents are sometimes written, professionals are hired, and your trademark becomes well known and viral.

An event like that is the perfect time to protect your physical and intellectual assets, and it can be done by writing very complicated contracts and implementing the best security practices such as call recording, installing CSS cameras, performing audits, and more.   But what happens when you have a real issue, such as someone who's raising a similar company or develops a lookalike product? 

An act like that can be frustrating, and this where we come in handy. Our private investigators are here to find the truth and assist you. 

Yes, we are here to gather the evidence you're seeking, find the person in charge of the information leak, and help you bring all the data to the court.  

 You were looking to hire a key position employee such as a CEO, R&D, or marketing officer who has a perfect resume? Who said it's a real one? Are there any secrets he hides? Can he be connected to your competitors? Believe us; if you want to prevent any potential harm, you need someone to check the background of crucial employees.

Theft is a severe issue that affects thousands of local small and medium businesses. While each theft case is different, most of those are related to pretending to be sick by claiming sick time, stealing money and products, using their working time for other purposes, etc.


Our Investigators are here to find and reveal dishonest employees using the latest surveillance solutions, such as hidden spy cameras at the business location, monitoring network usage, documents checkup using the latest biometric and face recognition technologies, and more.

Agreements and contracts: There's no doubt that you've worked very hard to build and protect your business by having your employees sign Non-Compete NDA and IP Agreements. But after some time passed, they suddenly decide to go to a new path, where they open an identical business to yours. That's the turning point when you discover that some of your clients have left you for him. Frustrating? Scary? We're here to help you. 

We will go over the documents and consult you regarding how the corporate investigation process works. We will work hard to gather all evidence of the Non-Compete violation in cooperation with your attorney. 

Our investigators will perform surveillance at the competitor's physical and web sites to document the breach and get all the proofs for you.

We provide Corporate Investigations in the following fields:

  • Employment Screening
  • Credit Report
  • Name & Social Security Verification
  • Court Records (Criminal & Civil)
  • Current & Prior Employment Verification
  • Past Employment Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Professional License Verification
  • Worker's Compensation Records
  • Driving Records
  • Sex Offender Check

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