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Background Checks

  There are two significant types of background checks:
  1. Online modern test that gets all the online data from social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and hidden aggregators and algorithms that are only available for our digital team.
  2. Offline check - The most common method of gathering physical information, using calls, surveillance, talking to contact people, contracts examination, etc.

Our professionals are here to provide both types of background check (Local and International) by using traditional and innovative methods:

  • Criminal checks(Criminal record, Arrest or Conviction)
  • Civil checks
  • Screenings (rental screening, employment screenings)
  • Ciber (emails, social networks, digital accounts)
  • Skip traces
  • Asset checks
  • Marriage/divorce checks
  • Marital status
  • Phone number checks(mobile and stationary)
  • Contact information check
  • Comprehensive reports and more.
  • Tenant background check including screening(Residential & Commercial)

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