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Corporate Investigations
We know how much effort, money, and time it takes to start a company, and that it requires even more energy, money and time to get things running and turn it into a profitable (Read More…)

Stive Cohen
Background Checks
There are two significant types of background checks:
Online modern test that gets all the online data from social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and hidden aggregators and algorithms (Read More…)

Stive Cohen
Cheating (Infidelity)
Being the victim of infidelity is never easy!
Ask yourself: Are you suspecting that you’re being lied to and that your loved one or spouse is cheating on you?(Read More…)

Stive Cohen
Child Custody
First of all, we should always keep in mind that when it comes to child custody, the primary concern for all the parties involved is to protect the child’s (Read More…)

Stive Cohen
Missing Persons
In general, missing person cases are handled by local law enforcement and the FBI. These institutions can’t always help – They are often bound by laws and federal or local regulations that may prevent (Read More…)

Stive Cohen
Eviction Support
Our specialists can assist you with Eviction in Miami-Dade & Broward Counties.
The Average Time is four weeks or less, while the whole process is divided into three steps – You’ll only pay for (Read More…)

Stive Cohen
Insurance Fraud
Statistics show that over 75% of health-related and injury claims are false, and we can save you from dishing out hefty amounts of money on these claims (Read More…)

Stive Cohen
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Background Investigations
Civil & Criminal Investigations
Undercover Operations
Tenant Background Screening
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